Given the unfortunate calamity that hit us followed by the unofficial blockade, 2015 was a bad year for Nepal to say the least. In light of these events, despite numerous attempts, Nepal Literature Festival go live on 2015.
The fifth edition on 2016 however was organized with a desire to recover from the year the festival lost. As the enthusiasm among both the writers and audience for the festival grew over the years, the aspiration to take the festival beyond the centralized market became stronger. With a leap of faith, the festival landed for its 5th edition on January 2016 in the beautiful city: Pokhara.
Since its inception, it was the first time the festival was taken outside the city of Kathmandu for a multitude of reasons. As Kathmandu buzzes with literary events every now, other places with potential goes unnoticed. One such city is Pokhara, with so much beauty and scope. The festival wanted to support the fledging literary movement there while bringing in domestic and international tourism as a small effort to help recover the economy after a particularly bad year.
About 60 personalities from various fields including Baburam Bhattarai, Gagan Thapa, Rabindra Mishra, Buddhi Sagar, Upendra Subba, and Amar Nyaupane attended the festival with journalist Barkha Dutt and writer Ira Trivedi as international personalities. The assortment of events for this edition showcased a diverse theme, more so than previous years including vibrant sessions on politics, economics and much more.
This edition didn’t just have the scenic town of Pokhara as its backdrop. The ambience was further set with selected photos that were part of Nepal’s first international photo festival ‘Photo Kathmandu’ at display for the audience to enjoy.

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