Ncell sponsored Ncell Nepal Literature Festival, the fourth of its kind, to reaffirm its commitment to the slogan ‘Here for Nepal’ by continuing its financial support towards the promotion of Nepali literature.
This event organized by The Bookworm Foundation Trust commenced on September 19 and lasted for 4 days bringing 6 international and over 140 Nepali writers and professionals under one roof to engage them in a forum for literary conversations in the form of panel discussions, poetry recitals, book launch and singing.
International writers participating in this year’s Festival included Shashi Tharoor (India), Farah Ghuznavi (Bangladesh), Tishani Doshi (Britain), Carlo Pizzati (Italy), Basharat Peer (India) and Haritosh Bal Singh (India). Nepali writers included Abhi Subedi, Durga Lal Shrestha, Bairagi Kainla, Sarubhakta, Yubaraj Ghimire, Vijay Kumar Panday, Momila, Pratisara Sayami, Sarswoti Pratikshya and Toya Gurung to name a few.
Replete with sessions that included topics as wide-ranging as literature, art, music, sociology and economics, the Festival presented Nepal as a hub of literary and intellectual exchange, thereby drawing attention of people around the world to Nepal.