Nepal Literature Festival 2017 celebrates its Curtain Raiser

At an exclusive event held at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza, the Bookworm
Foundation raised the curtains on the sixth edition of Nepal Literature Festival. One of Nepal's best
loved bands, Kandara, mesmerized the audience with its performance during the curtain raiser. Kandara
is making a comeback after 12 years. The program was broadcast live through
The sixth edition of the literary extravaganza is going to be held in the Lake City of Pokhara. Speaking
about the significance of the festival, Hon. Rabindra Adhikari, President of the Development Committee
of the Legislature Parliament, said, "It is wonderful that the Nepal Literature Festival is going to be held
in Pokhara for the second consecutive time, because this will contribute in making the city more vibrant
and culturally richer. This will energize littérateurs and boost Pokhara's claim to be the cultural capital of
the country."
Similarly, veteran poet and cultural expert Tirtha Shrestha said, "I have come to Kathmandu all the way
from Pokhara to specially welcome people from all over Nepal to the literature festival. Please accept
our invitation to join the celebration of art, literature and ideas."
The curtain raiser was held with an objective to provide a sneak peek into the upcoming festival which is
going to be held at Pardi of Pokhara from 27 to 30 January. During the event, the organizers recounted
the challenges and triumphs of the past five editions, and also put forth their determination to further
help broaden the Nepali literary horizons. Supporting this effort, Madan Puraskar Laureate Amar
Neupane said, "This is a campaign to expand literary stamina within the country, and also highlight
Nepali literature to the outside world. This festival has proven to be highly effective in disseminating the
power of literature and arts to everyone far and wide."
Nepal Literature Festival 2017 will continue its tradition of recognizing and bringing together individuals
who have dedicated their lives to the growth of Nepali literature. The festival is designed to feed
readers’ intellectual curiosity, penchant for analytical musings and varied cultural interests. The festival
also seeks to actively promote Pokhara as a vibrant tourist destination, and continue to support the
recovery of tourism. The festival will host three acclaimed international writers, namely Ramchandra
Guha, Durjoy Dutta and Uday Prakash along with more than a hundred Nepali personalities. These
creative minds of Nepali literature and of international repute will come together for four days to hold
forth on topics ranging from literature, art, theatre, film, business, economics to politics.