Extravaganza of ideas closes with a flourish

The final day of the Nepal Literature Festival 2016 ended on a high note, winning the hearts and
minds of the audience in Pokhara. The four day long festival that commenced on 29 February saw
the participation of a large number of authors, artists, thinkers, analysts, poets and literary
enthusiasts. The fifth edition of the festival is organized by Bookworm Foundation and co-organized
by Random Readers Society of Nepal.
The day had eight sessions in all, with issues ranging from literary characters to writing techniques,
movies and Nepali writing in English. The day began with a discussion on literary characters – their
birth, growth and complexities. Writers Buddhisagar, Nayan Raj Pandey and Subin Bhattarai were
grilled by journalist and writer Narayan Wagle about the lengths and breadths of the people in their
creations. This was followed by a session on Nepali writing in English, wherein bOOkahOlics founder
Saguna Shah conversed with writers Pranaya Rana, Prawin Adhikari and Rabi Thapa about the
challenges and beauties of writing in English for the Nepali market. There were two parallel sessions
going on inside the hall: writer Yug Pathak provided a fine oration on choosing themes for writings
and their narrations, immediately after which writer Khagendra Sangraula enthralled the audience
with his reminisces about nationalism.
The third session of the final day was one of the most awaited – actors Rajesh Hamal and Dayahang
Rai expressed the pleasures and angst of being a ‘hero’ in the Nepali society. Journalist Yangesh, also
the President of Film Critics Society of Nepal (FICSON), moderated the session and urged the two
actors to part with intimate facets of their life. This was followed by another session on movies –
wherein veteran journalist Kishore Nepal talked to actors Gauri Malla, Rekha Thapa and Richa
Sharma about the complexities of surviving as an actor, social insecurities, and the state of the
movie industry in Nepal. The second-last session of the day was a special one: Writer and Political
Leader Pradip Giri explored the characteristics, specialties and quirks of the chief characters of the
epic Mahabharata.
The day ended with a grand finale as a dozen poets came together to rouse the emotions of the
huge mass with their scintillating poems. The session was moderated by poet and writer Saraswati
Festival Director Ajit Baral said, “Hosting the Nepal Literature Festival in Pokhara has been a
wonderful experience, are we hope to make it an even more comprehensive and all-inclusive event
in the coming years.”
The program was attended by above 100 authors, artists, politicians, media persons, intellectuals,
economists and sociologists among others in more than 31 panel discussions on a variety of topics.